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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Spring is for The Birds

Living my whole life in the Midwest I'm used to having four seasons.  Each has it's plus's and minus's.  One of the sad things about the fall and winter is the loss of most of the birds.  Now that spring has arrived I'm looking forward to their return.  Two acquaintances have reporting seeing or hearing robins.  It won't be long.  The snow pack has melted just in time.  The next few days here are forecasted to be around 60 degrees.

This is a near complete set of  Series 9, Arm & Hammer Useful Birds of America cards.  They were originally issued in the 1930's.  I'm guessing the ones I have are a later company re-issue.  The address has changed from 10 Cedar Street to 70 Pine Street.  I wasn't able to find any specific reference to the history.  Billy at Cardboard History, collects these.  He may be able to fill us in.

Happy Spring!

Aside from baseball what's your favorite thing about spring?


  1. I love birds. This brightened my day. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! I'm still waiting to see my first Robin. All of the snow has melted here in NE Iowa and it's raining this morning.

  2. Easiest question I've answered today. Spring Break ;D

  3. Living around lots of woods, we've got plenty of birds year-round here, including some that come to winter. But it is nice when the weather starts warming up, if only because of the increased variety when those that left start coming back.

  4. Nothing like sound of birds to make things feel lively, though every now and then you do want to tell them to keep it down. 😉


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