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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Opening Night for NHL 2021

 The NHL begins play tonight.  As the pack below notes, it is the 2020-21 season.  But not so.  It is the simply the 2021 season.  Will next year's cards list stats that way or will they show both years?  

My wife gave me this pack for Christmas.  It's hard to find packs at Walmart and Target here in NE Iowa and I'm guessing this was her best option.  They're ok cards but I think Upper Deck's flagship is the best.  I did pull one one Blackhawk and a bunch of assorted veterans.

Are you excited about hockey season?

2020-2021 O-Pee-Chee Hockey


  1. Been a hockey fan since 1970. Like that Zetterberg card. #LGRW

  2. Hackenbush!!! Awesome to see a post here, thanks for sharing the pack. I watched the first two games last night and may watch the late one on DVR while doing busy work today.

    Looks like a fun pack, I really like the look of what I assume is the "Retro" parallel James van Riemsdyk. I could see myself collecting a bunch of those, which is something I rarely say about new releases.

  3. I'll follow the SJ Sharks... but haven't really been collecting hockey cards in several years and I'm starting to realize that's what really made me take the time to learn about other players around the league. So I handed my "die hard" fan membership card. Now I'm more of a "casual" fan.


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