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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

One of 1934's Film Stars

How often does another blogger inspire you to piggyback on one of their posts with one of your own?  Often enough for me.  On Monday the man known as Fuji led off with a card that caught my eye.  "Hmm", I thought,  "do I have any Ginger Rogers cards of my own?"  Well, one of the better organized, though surely not completely, parts of my collection is my vintage tobacco cards.  They reside in one two inch black binder.  I even knew where that was.  (I know, I'm impressed too.)

Ginger is #38 in the 1934 Player's Film Stars Series 2 set.  BTW don't be fooled, as I almost was.  The "Radio" listed on the front and back refers not to the medium but to the movie studio RKO Radio Pictures.  The more times I see Ginger Rogers the more I like her.

Here's a few clips just for fun.

Ginger's first talkie

The Gay Divorcee (1934)  
I don't love it but The Continental was the very first to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

This is from the 1936 musical, Follow the FleetLet Yourself Go was written by Irving Berlin.  A bit of trivia -- Betty Grable is the middle backup singer.


  1. I love those Player's tobacco cards. It blows me away how something so old and beautiful could be so affordable. By the way... I'd estimate 25 to 35% of my posts are inspired by other blogs... whether it's a BBA, a blog inspired purchase, or just seeing something and it triggering a topic for a post.

  2. Her comedy chops were fantastic, but her dancing, well, let's just say that if one were to make a list of the top 10 gals that Fred Astaire danced with, she wouldn't be cracking that list. Fred liked her though, because he knew that she wouldn't (and couldn't) upstage him. But man, her early comedy work is top notch, and still holds up really well.

  3. I love how classy people all are way back then.


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