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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hey, Whitey!

A previous post featuring Blackhawks favorite Pat Stapleton got me thinking about his nickname, "Whitey".  
I'm guessing this is the most famous "Whitey" of them all, "The Chairman of the Board", Whitey Ford.
It's an often overlooked fact that Whitey Ford was part of a successful US Military time travel experiment.  In 1953 Whitey was sent back in time and went 18-6 for the 1933 Yankees.  True story.

Whitey Herzog was a baseball "lifer" starting in 1949 as New York Yankees farmhand and ending in the Angels front office in 1994.  Along the way he became a manager and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2010.
Whitey Lockman also had a long career in baseball as a player, coach, scout, and front office man.  

Whitey  scored the tying run preceding Bobby Thomson across the plate as part of the "Shot Heard Round the World".
Yet another baseball "lifer", Whitey Weitermann spent over 40 years as a player and coach.

Jim from Downington added:

Any other notable Whiteys you can think of?  


  1. Richie Ashburn was also known as Whitey.

  2. I can't think of any you missed, didn't realize there were so many!

    1. I knew the first four. I admit to not knowing Padres legend Whitey Weitermann. But I did have a card! There are a good number of cards of Herzog and Lockman from their playing days but I don't have a single one.

  3. Herzog and Ford are the only two I'm familiar with... but both are special to me. I collect Whitey Ford, because he's a lefty. And I loved the 80's Cardinals... so of course I liked Herzog.


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