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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

They Call It a Woody

A short while back P-Town Tom of Eamus Catuli (formerly Wait Til Next Year) sent me a bunch of his extra Kerry Wood cards.  Kerry's always been one of my favorite Cubs. I'm not alone there.  Tom probably increased my  casual collection of Woody's by about 40%.  Here are my favorites.  Thanks Tom!


Interesting that so many of us seem to relate cards with music, at least in our blogs.  When I think of Woody this song instantly comes to mind.


  1. Great lot of Wood. Every now and then, I'll watch the highlight video of his 1 hit, 20 K's, shutout over the Astros during his rookie season. It's truly an amazing piece of baseball history.

    1. I was watching that day. His curve ball was amazing.


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