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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Very Punny Man

If you haven't tried Stephan Pastis's Pearls Before Swine  you don't know what you're missing.  Follow him on Twitter and by all means buy his books.  No he's not my cousin.  I'm just a fan.

This is the newest in a long series of Stephan's "punny" strips.


  1. I'll have to share this with my friend who teaches language arts. She does a unit on puns every year. Maybe she'll use a few of Pastis's comic strips.

  2. I'll bet he'd be very pleased. And shocked!

  3. I read PBS every day and have a few books. FYI, Pastis does book-signing tours (although he doesn't appear to be on one now). To paraphrase a certain TV show, "So you'd better get ready, he may be coming to your town!"

  4. Brilliant wit. A micro search on Google informs me that Vicks has illegal uses. Must dig deeper. Tally-ho!

  5. Man, pun humor is some of the best humor. Thanks for sharing!
    I'm going to add PBS to my daily reading.


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