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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Like Father, Like Son

I was thinking about my Dad yesterday.  His favorite player growing up was Cubs third baseman, Stan Hack.  He acquired the autographed card below as an adult but I'd like to think he had a copy as a kid.
Here's Dad in front of his school.

My favorite player growing up was also the Cubs third baseman, in my case Ron Santo. The coincidence of our both choosing third baseman only occurred to me yesterday.  I miss my Dad and I miss Ronnie.  Both Hall of Famers in my book.
I got this card signed TTM right after Ron retired.


  1. That picture of your father is absolutely incredible. I love the letterman jacket, fedora and glove combo. That is too cool!

    By the way, you won second prize in the A&G relic contest. You get your pick of any relic in the exchange program.

  2. Sorry I'm a few years late. Love reading about priceless pieces of cards. Awesome post!


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