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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Gift Pack War Part 1

My wife gave me these two hanger boxes for Christmas.  I thought I'd share them with a pack war. 

 Here's Series 1.

This is a sharp looking insert set.  
10 points
10 Points
9 Points 
7 Points
5 Points each

I collect Ted so I was happy to pull this one.  
5 Points

Both of 2013's Cy Young winner and the Swashbuckler
5 Points Each

I haven't been impressed with Topps' photography the last two years.  These two get extra credit for being interesting.  It's coincidental that they're both Red Sox.
4 Points each

The rest of these are notable either for their careers or a good 2013.  They get 3 points each.

There were 37 other cards in the box.  They each get 1 point because they're cards.

If I added correctly that's 177 points.  Coming soon we'll see if Series 2 can beat it.

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