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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas Gift Pack War Part 2

My wife gave me these two hanger boxes for Christmas.  I thought I'd share them with a pack war. Series 1 received 177 points.
Here's Series 2

Mr. Tiger
This one gets 15 points

9 Points

6 Points each

5 Points each
Great young player, great shot
4 Points
4 Points
4 Points each 

I love the photo and one is gold SN so 4 points each
The rest of these are notable either for their careers or a good 2013.  They get 3 points each.

There were 32 other cards in the box.  They each get 1 point because they're cards.

That should be 186 Points for Series 2.  That makes Series 2 the winner by a relatively small margin of 9 points.  I know.  I'm excited too.


  1. Love that Kaline die-cut, nice looking card. Glad I didn't open that one, not a Red Sox card to be found in this post!

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