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Friday, August 6, 2010

1992 UD Mark Carreon Question

I found this card in a stack of random junk wax and it stood out because I had seen a post of players holding cups.  Looking closer I noticed something that looked odd.  Mark is wearing a Tigers uniform on both the front and back of the card but the cap doesn't look right.  It appears that the Detroit logo is superimposed on a blue cap.  Anyone have an answer to this?


  1. Ok, that's kinda weird. He was traded from the Tigers to the Mets in January '92. Which would leads me to think that they cleverly pasted his head onto someone else's body, if not for the fact it just doesn't quite look that way, especially when you see him batting.

  2. No No No No No he was Traded from the Mets to the Tigers in January 1992. This is Series 2 Upper Deck - I think this is a 1992 Spring Training Shot - I don't think the card was photoshop - it just may be the lighting

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