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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It Started With Pigeons

I took  these two pictures back in the mid 1970's in Chicago.
I married a woman who likes pigeons.  These two are made of Zinc.  I found them in a cool store in Libertyville, IL when I was dating my wife to be back in the early 2000's.  They were a gift to her.  
We're both Mo Willems fans.
These two were gifts to my wife a few years apart.  She felt the one on the left needed a companion.  I know they're just plushes but I think think the one on the left is female and the right is her mate.

This post isn't really about collecting pigeons.  Pigeons were the inspiration to the first step toward a collection of mine that's been growing this past year or so.  I won't ask you to guess what it is.  Stay tuned.


  1. One of my kids was drawing Mo Willems-style pigeons out of a book when I got home from work this evening.

  2. I can totally relate. My ex (who is still one of my closest friends) is obsessed with guinea pigs. I also dated a girl who had half of her bed covered in stuffed elephants. Some people collect pieces of cardboard with athletes on it. Other people collect pigeon related items.

  3. I enjoy seeing pigeons myself, but not as much as seagulls.

    1. This brings to mind a small-press comic book called Scurvy Dogs that I read, where the main characters are pirates and refer to seagulls as 'the pigeons of the sea.'

  4. I am intrigued. I will stay tuned.


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