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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vintage Rookie Stars-- Best?

The other day Joe Shlabotnik posted a couple of multi-player vintage rookie cards.  It made me ponder what might be the best duo on such a card.  I've seen some suggestions online and I think of the cards I have this one might be the best (and might be best overall as well).  What are your thoughts?  Best?  Favorite?


  1. It's not a rookie but it's hard to beat 1965 Topps #8 with Koufax and Drysdale on a blue-bordered card.

  2. Whoa! I think you might have nailed it there, that is an absolute beauty. I hope I can someday pick up a copy of this card that looks even half as nice as yours does! I have built up a halfway decent Ryan collection over the years but his rookie is the biggest glaring hole presently...

    1. My Dad bought mine. Lord knows if it's real and good. I found out no long ago that the Schmidt rookie he bought was trimmed.

  3. I think anyone would have a hard time topping this beauty.

  4. Mike Garman lucked out when Topps decided to pair him with Cecil Cooper and Carlton Fisk on his rookie card. The same could be said for John Hilton. Mr. Hilton has Ron Cey on his left... and Mike Schmidt to the right of him on his rookie card.

    But the greatest multi-player vintage rookie card (in my humble opinion) is the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird rookie card. Topps and collectors hit the jackpot with that card. I know it's not baseball... but the card is so cool, I felt it had to be at least mentioned.

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  6. When you said best rookie stars, that was the card I immediately thought of so I will stick with your choice. Sweet Jesus that is one beautiful card.


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