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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cards from Someone Else's Shoebox

What better excuse to break my self imposed blogging hiatus than to say thank you to Shane from Shoebox Legends for sending me a great stack of cards.  There were more than this but these are my favorites.

Soler's off to a slow start but I'm hoping he'll heat up as the temperature does.

Shane sent these to add to my legendary pack stash.  I have been selling off my old wax boxes but I still have all the loose packs.  Maybe I'll open one of each of these.  Maybe.  (Boy you can't trust spellcheck. It doesn't catch wrong words that are spelled correctly, like ass instead of add.)

Jason is the third winning est Jewish pitcher of all-time behind Ken Holtzman and Sandy Koufax.
I still don't know about this guy.  The subsets are the best thing about Gypsy Queen.  
I'm not sure why Shane sent me this one but it may be my favorite of the bunch.
It's getting to be that time in my life when my childhood heroes start to go one by one.  Not the greatest thing about getting older.  At least I can say I saw him play ....but not at shortstop.

Kind of a cool subset. This may be the first year I don't buy any A&G.  Maybe a few singles.

Everyone loves Topps Gallery, right?  Great Fergie!  There were some intense pitchers in the 1960's.

I hope this guy makes it back.  Such power!

Triple Play was a fun set.

I had my doubts about the Hawks going into the playoff but they've exceeded my expectations.  Seabs took the shot that ended up in the net a couple nights ago to give them the triple overtime win to even the series against the Ducks.  Now it's best three out of five and we have the home ice advantage.  

Thanks for your generosity, Shane.  Much appreciated.


  1. Glad you could use some of these, they weren't getting any love in my collection...

  2. Sweet Jenkins! Love me some Topps Gallery.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Jeff, and I heard about your blog from reading Shoebox Legends, AKA Shane Diaz. I have a ton of things from your wantlist that are just taking up space here in New York. I would love to try to work something out, and as Shane can attest, I am extremely generous and forthcoming when it comes to reciprocating trades. Please let me know if you are interested in trading, and I collect the following:

    Don Mattingly
    Derek Jeter
    Mike Aviles
    Matt Morris
    Mark Messier
    Mats Zuccarello
    Ryan Callahan
    Brandon Dubinsky
    various hockey sets (Upper Deck Young Guns, Upper Deck Artifacts, etc.)
    various baseball sets (2007 Topps Allen and Ginter, 2012 Topps Archives, 2004 and 2007 Topps Heritage, 2005 Donruss Elite)



    please e-mail me at if you're interested in working out a trade. Thanks!



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