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Friday, July 25, 2014

Pack Break 1991 Fleer Ultra Football: It's Not as Bad as You'd Think

My father-in-law knows I collect cards and I guess he's found a catalog that offers boxes of assorted cheap unopened packs for sale.  Lately for birthdays and holidays they're his go to gift.  You and I know that they're "junk wax" but it's the thought that counts.

I chose this pack more or less at random.  There's nothing fancy here but the selection of players was better than I expected.  Take a look.

I'm a Walter Payton fan and you can make great arguments for several others as the best running back of all time but this waterbug of a man is right up there.  As a Bears fan I saw plenty of him.  If this was the only recognizable player in the pack it would still be a good one. (Is that LT he's escaping from?)

Metcalf is still #13 on the all-time list for all purpose yards with 17,230.  His record of 10 career punts returned for TD's was broken by Devin Hester.

Stevens was an Pro Bowl selection and Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1988.  
Stevens' daughter Sloane is currently ranked #22 in the world by the WTA.

Erik McMillan was a two time Pro Bowl selection, an honor his father Ernie earned four times.

Stark was a four time Pro Bowl selection.  He's the last of the Baltimore Colts to retire.
Rich was a 5 time Pro Bowl selection and is #7 on the career list for punt yardage

"Thrill" Hill won two national championships at Miami.

The rest.


  1. Sweet Sanders, and I like the design of the card backs...

  2. Nice simple set. Oh and a little piece of my "brush with fame" I went to High School with Erik McMillian (Kennedy High School Silver Spring, MD Class of 1983). The closest I got to being acquainted with him was we were in the same Senior Year English class. I don't recall having any other classes with him during our HS days but remember seeing him in the halls. A little bit of funny sort of trivia. For the 10 year class reunion Erik was on the list of Classmates that they couldn't locate or know how to contact. I chuckled at that since I had a couple of his cards at that point and thought "Hey this guy is/was in the NFL contact the NY Jets". I didn't go to that reunion because I couldn't afford the $40+ tickets or whatever the cost was for the stupid evening. I was working for minimum wage at the time. I still haven't been to any of my class reunions.

    Oh another NFL connection I went to elementary school with Tori Vactor son of Ted Vactor Redskins early 70s. I remember one time trading football cards with him at one of my neighbor's house. I reluctantly traded my only Ted Vactor card I had at that time to Tori for 3-5 Other Redskins cards. He was collecting cards of his dad of course. At the time I felt jipped cause I really like that card and the '71 set and the 1973 and maybe '74 and/or 75 cards I was traded I didn't like at the time (1975 or '76 I think). I have since gotten that card again I might have doubles or triples of it.


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