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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lost But Not Forgotten

I had a pennant just like this one hanging above my bed as a kid.  In my memory it was celebrating the Hawks Stanley Cup win in 1961.  Coming across this one on eBay just the other day I realize my error.  In the 1966-67 NHL season the Black Hawks out paced the the rest of the five teams with 94 points.  The second place Canadiens finished 17 points back.  Unfortunately, and is often the case, regular season superiority did not translate into a championship as the Hawks lost to the eventual champs the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Semi-Finals four games to two.
Sadly, I have no idea what became of my pennant.   Two like it sold recently on eBay, both for much more than I can justify paying.  What lost piece of memorabilia from your past do you wish you still had?  Maybe you can do a post of your own.


  1. Yep. My original Sonny Jurgensen Jersey I had as a kid. Fortunately I have a couple of photos of me in it, one of which is a class picture. I recall once or twice having to retrieve the shirt from a box or pile of old shirts that my mom had been using for cleaning rags in our basement laundry/storage room. Eventually It just up and disappeared. I no longer have it but I do have one of those "Retro" Redskins jerseys with #9 Jurgensen on it but it is a more modern mesh style with the arm stripe design similar to what Joe Theismann wore in the late 70s early 80s.

  2. Here's onefor a chicago fan. when I was a kid, I had a poster on my wall of bad-ass Dick Butkis.
    I loved that poster. I looked at it every day. Butkis was defintley the Man.


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