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Monday, October 1, 2012


It's hard being a Ron Santo collector.  Despite his recent induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame Ron seems to be in Topps " Hall of We Never Heard of Him".  I do keep a look out for any affordable items new or vintage that may have escaped me.  
This 1966 Bazooka card was offered by an Ebay seller for a starting bid of $.99.  The seller wrote, "1966 BAZOOKA #39 RON SANTO F-G CHICAGO CUBS..........has creasing and other problems...(filler).....tough card to get cheap...." Sounded reasonable so I bid and wound up with it for the opening price.  I picked up a nice 1967 World Series card along with it for another $.99. Total shipping was $2.99.
I'm not sure how hard this card is to find or what prices they go for in better condition but for under $3.00 I think I must have done OK.  Nice to add a vintage piece to my collection.

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  1. I started looking into Mets Bazooka cards a couple of weeks ago, and from what little I've seen, I think you may have done OK with that card; There are few 1960's Bazooka cards of any year on COMC, and most of what's on eBay seems to be panels or uncut boxes or graded.

    At any rate... 46-year-old card of a HOFer for under $3? As a friend of mine would say, "You can't go wrong!"


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