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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Dandy Daves and Davids

 My name is David.  Growing up that's all I ever remember being called.  At some point in college that changed and I started going, in greater part, by "Dave".  After that I reverted back and have always gone by the original.  The funny thing is, lots of people, particularly acquaintances and people I see in my job, automatically call me Dave. Though I find it interesting, I really don't mind.  I see it as a friendly nickname. I have no stories like that about all the guys below.  You'd have to ask them. 

Here's 3 NBA Hall of Famers.  All three were picked for both the 50th and 75th NBA Anniversary Teams.  All three were two time NBA Champs.

In 2016, Hall of Famer Dave Keon was voted the greatest Maple Leaf of all time.  He won four Stanley Cups in the 1960's.  Um, they haven't won one since.

If I'm correct there are only two baseball Hall of Famers with my given name, Dave Winfield and Dave Bancroft.  Incidentally, both of their Hall of Fame plaques list them as David.
I do have a story about Dave Winfield that relates to his name.  Click here.
This guy was sure fun to watch.  

While maybe not quite Hall worthy,  David Cone did have an outstanding career.

Sorry for the missing back.

Big Papi.  Hall of Fame?  We'll see.
You can't think about The Big Red Machine without thinking of Dave Concepcion.  You can make a Hall of Fame argument for him.  Some do.
I grew up a Cubs fan but the Orioles were on TV a lot during my childhood.  I have an affinity, particularly for the great American League teams of the era.  Dave, or Davey -- the way I think of him, comes to mind as readily as Brooks, Frank and Boog. 
Dave McNally was part of the Orioles great starting pitching staffs of the sixties and seventies.  From 1968-1973 he went 117-65 with a 2.91 ERA --and he wasn't even the ace of the team.
The Cobra was a fearsome hitter with a great arm.  Should he be in the Hall of Fame?  Talk among yourselves.

Rags had a great career, first as a starter and reliever, then as a pitching coach.

That's a lot of star power!  Who did I miss?

Thanks for reading.


  1. The Cardinals' last 2 World Series MVPs were David Eckstein and David Freese.

    I immediately scrolled to the bottom of this post guessing this would be the punchline:
    The Daves I Know - YouTube

  2. Might have been if I had ever seen it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was about to say Righetti until I saw the end! When I started following the Yankees, their best players were Dave, Dave, Don and Dan. And Rickey. (Winfield, Righetti, Mattingly, Pasqua, Henderson).

  4. Baseball - Dave Stewart
    Basketball - David Thompson

  5. As someone related to a David (and works for another) I get the feeling that some Davids just aren't Daves, and vice versa.

    I would love to see David Ortiz in the HOF. And Dave Parker probably belongs, too.

    One NHLer off the top of my head - David Pastrnak - could join Keon in the hockey hall one day.

  6. Replies
    1. In a Dave Clark Five documentary a few years ago, E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg responded to a question about whether he was influenced by Dave Clark:

      "In any given show, if I play 35 numbers, about 35 of them were influenced by Dave Clark."


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