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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Independence Day!

Here are a couple of pieces for you on this 4th of July, 2020.  I'm staying in.  If you go out, please be safe.
This postcard is circa 1940
This is a First Day Cover.  The back is blank.
The history of Tyne and Wear is too complicated to go into but here's a picture.
Tyne and Wear (6861515545).jpg


  1. The simplicity of that Lions Club card is really quite nice and highlights the stamp and postmark. Speaking of the latter, I don't remember every hearing it referred to as the "bicentenary" rather than "bicentennial" before. (I live quite near Centenary University, but I can't find info on how it got that name; it was founded about a decade before the first centennial.)

    1. You made me look. Here's an explanation of the two words:

  2. Wow. That first postcard must be pretty old. When was the last time you could send one for 1¢?

  3. Postcard rates went to 2 cents at the beginning of 1952. I saw a postmarked copy of that particular card from 1941 so the design is at least 80 years old. Though I do have a lot of cards from the so called "linen" era I prefer those from 1900-1929.


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