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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm Giving You the Bird --- Mr. Turkey-wise. :)

I can't tell you much about these.  They are listed in The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.  I'm guessing they were a send away item since they came sealed.  The copy-write date is 1994 but they were released in 1995.  Wikipedia shows Mr. Turkey as part of Sara Lee.  Three Hall of Famers and two fan favorites ain't bad.  Also notice that they are all World Series champs.


Check out my postcard blog, David Does Deltiology.


  1. Never seen those before. I obviously need that Spahn and will track down some of these.

  2. Cool set, Happy Thanksgiving Hackenbush!

  3. I did a Mr. Turkey cards Turkey Day post a few years ago (but not with that set, which I've never seen before)! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Not the biggest fan of turkey... but I sure love me some baseball cards featuring Mr. Turkey.


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