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Monday, November 20, 2017

Let's Try This Again

I recently picked up three cards from the latest Goodwin Champions set.  If you're from the Chicago area or follow the Blackhawks you'll know this guy.  If you watch hockey nationally you'll know him as well.  Edzo has been battling cancer this year and it's been great to see him back at work with longtime play-by-play partner, "the great Pat Foley".

Back in 2012 I got these card TTM from Eddie.


  1. Always enjoyable to see him on NBCSN. Hoping he kicks cancers ass. He has an autograph in Goodwin that you must be aware of.

  2. Thanks. I wasn't aware of the auto but I see it's the same image as the second card. I have the two TTM's and one other so I'm good there.

  3. Oh helllllllllllllllllllllllll - I need those Goodwins!

    I like top say that I saw Eddie play when he was still a Brother Rice over at SIA in Crestwood. I think it was against St. Lawrence, and he was a fresh or soph. But back then, you can see he was destined for the NHL. Every other kid on the ice was tiny and Eddie just zipped around them all. And if I recall, he still lives on the South Side not too far from Bro Rice. But I could be wrong.

    1. Cool that you remember that. I was impressed by the fact that Goodwin set used three different photos for the variations. It made it worthwhile to get all all of them. There are also minis but I'm not a modern mini fan.

  4. You've got to love the Goodwin Champions cards! I've been opening some of those packs on Upper Deck ePack.

    Have you ever tried opening packs on there? I've had some pretty good luck. (The website is if you've never been on the website before).


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