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Friday, December 30, 2016

It's Like Having My Own Surprise Party?

Recently I received a surprise envelope from Daniel of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.  Great guy that he is, he was concerned that I never received a prize I won back in January.  Here are the highlights from a team bag of Cubs cards.  I haven't been buying many cards lately so believe it or not these are my fist two Schwarb cards.  I still can't believe he played in the World Series--and contributed.

This guy is just the best.  Hope he's a Cub forever.

Thanks for including the two Hebrew Hammers.  

I was blown away when I saw the Shark's Notre Dame football highlights.
 Last but not least is this awesome shadowbox card of a smiling Ernie in 1968.

Thanks Daniel!


  1. Glad you got the cards! Happy New Year!

  2. Nice lot of Cubbies! Rizzo has a great personality. If I had room for one more PC...he'd be my fave new Cub.


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