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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ron Santo 2004 Topps Retired -- A Find

Ron Santo's 2004 Topps Retired Certified Autograph Edition is easy to find.  They usually go for around $20.00.  I have these four plus one not encased and I sold another this summer.  I know there's at least a refractor version serial numbered to 25 and there could be others of even lower quantity but they're out of my price range and that's perfectly fine with me.

Until I saw one recently I wasn't aware of an unsigned version.  As disorganized a collector as I am I don't have a checklist of anyone's cards, even my favorite, Ron Santo.  I happened upon this one by chance while browsing Ebay.  Disorganized people need luck.  Maybe at heart I like it better this way.  At any rate I was able to snipe this one for just just $3.25.  Two other bidders didn't offer more than $3.00.  I'm not trying to acquire every variation of every Ron Santo card but when a S/N to 99 card like this comes my way for this price I'm in.


  1. Those are some beautiful Santos. I've always had a thing for black-bordered cards; they almost feel more elegant or something.

  2. Ooh, I'm a bit of a 2004 Retired aficionado, if I say so myself.
    He's got these cards in the set:
    1- base (white)
    2- black parallel [I think of it more as "charcoal" really] /99
    3- auto
    4- refractor auto /25
    5- printing plates (w/ sticker auto) 1/1 x 4

    1. Thanks for the info and I just looked at your great post from 2013. I may be missing the base. None on Ebay but I see one on COMC. Might just have to snatch it up.

  3. What a beautiful card. Newer design, classic batting pose, vintage jersey, old time Topps logo, and one great Cub.


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