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Monday, September 29, 2014

Yazoo! Part 2 -- Give Me Dr. Jazz

Three more great cards.  Nice that they gave pianist and composer Lil Hardin, Armstong's wife in the 1920's, the card following his.  I love the music.  If you have the time check it out.

This features Louis on trumpet and vocal with wife Lil Hardin (card below), who wrote the song, on piano.
Another song by Lil with Louis and the boys

1 comment:

  1. I'm partial to the two albums that Louis Armstrong did with Ella Fitzgerald in the mid-1950's... but not at all to the version of Porgy & Bess that they did as the third album in the trilogy. Go figure.

    As someone who really was only familiar with Crumb's "cartoony" work like the "Cheap Thrills" album cover, these cards make me appreciate his artistic ability that much more. Unlike guys like Scott Adams or Stephan Pastis - no insult intended for them - R. Crumb is truly an artist.


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