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Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Bought a Blaster -- Sort of Wish I Hadn't

I've really stayed away from buying new cards the last few years and I've had no regrets.  This year's Topps flagship looked good enough to me that I went out to Target and bought a blaster.  My biggest  disappointment was getting zero Cubs out of 81 cards.  I got 5 Reds and 5 Cardinals -- great!  I really only found two base cards that I'm happy with.  Target blasters have 20 red parallels and while that's fine I found that most of them were the same as the base cards in the box thus greatly reducing the overall number of individual players.  (Is that by design?)  As long as I'm complaining, I was also unimpressed by the photography.  Yes, there were some good ones, --Russell Martin, Josh Reddick, Adam Jones-- but there were way too many boring ones.  That being said here are the cards I did like:

 I've always been a Hunter Pence fan no matter what team he's on.
Rookie of the year.
I do like the inserts:
I put Chipper on Ebay.  Probably won't sell.


  1. Would love to trade you for that Nolan Ryan and any Red Sox parallels if you pulled any? I have a spare David DeJesus where he's diving into the Wrigley ivy, as well as the Emerald Foil parallel of that same card which is pretty nice. I've got a Rafael Dolis Target Red parallel and a Kerry Wood Chasing History insert, too. If you're interested drop me a message at shanediaz82 at yahoo dot com, if not no biggie!

  2. Crud, Shane beat me to claiming the Red Sox...

  3. I probably won't be busting any of this stuff anytime soon, but I have to admit the Calling Card inserts are interesting. Also, the Chipper rookie card commemorative patch is pretty sweet too. Hope you get big money for it.


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