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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Was Your First Piece of Sports Memorablia?

What was the very first piece of sports memorabilia that you remember getting?

I guess I posted my very first piece of sports memorabilia in my very first post.  It's the program from opening Day at Wrigley Field in 1969.

This is my first piece of non-paper memorablia from the same season.  It was part of a set but I only remember getting this one.  It has four Cubs legends' facsimile autographs, my favorite Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, Don Kessinger and Glenn Beckert.  Somebody correct me but I think they were a gas station premium.

I've purchased lots of cards and some other memorabilia as an adult but these first ones from my childhood hold a special place in my collection.


  1. I used to have all four of the mugs, but lost them in a move. If I remember correctly, it was Martin gas stations that gave the mugs away.

    My first non-card piece was a Cubs Power button that I got from Jewel in 1969.

  2. My Dad gave me a Cincinnati Reds batting helmet, and my brother got the Oakland A's. This would've been mid '70's. Baseball and me have never been apart since.

  3. Mine was a signed Joe Carter hat my dad gave me shortly after the '93 world series (I assume he didn't buy low on it)

  4. This pennant was the first piece of Oriole swag I ever got, and it's been on a wall of mine, one place or another, for decades.
    My Dad bought it for me when we went to one of my first games at Yankee Stadium about 1960ish. We got it at Manny's Baseball Land across from the stadium.
    Don't know why they chose to make it in maroon and yellow but at least the bird was mostly orange once upon a time.

  5. I couldn't tell you. I still have a very large Ron Cey button, which was probably one of the first items of memorabilia I ever owned.

  6. I was think about this...what was the first thing. Sewingmachineguy entry made me remember I had a Twins batting helmet in 1969 (in lue of actually to a game which have been a long trip). It was kind of big deal at the time.

  7. I really have no idea. I remember getting a full size Yankee batting helmet that I used to wear around. I still have it too.

  8. Hmmm, what was my first sports item? Though I don't have a collection of those memorabilia, my father gave me a New York Yankees jacket with all the signatures of their players as a birthday gift. I think it was 1992 then.

    Jeremy Bastow


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