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Monday, August 29, 2011

Garage Sale Packs #5

I went to a garage sale recently where a guy had a lot of cards.  Most of them were junk and mostly way overpriced.  The best thing I found was a box filled with ziplock bags of about 20-25 cards each for a quarter a bag.  Without opening them, which I didn't feel right about (and they were tightly packed), I could only see the outside two cards.  I did my best to at least get about a quarter's worth from each one.

This card was on the outside of the pack and I think I got my quarter's worth right here.  I love Greg's look on the back picture.
1994 Pinnacle #11

Mike will be on the 2013 Hall of Fame ballot.  Is he a shoe-in?
1994 UD Electric Diamond Fantasy Team #33
Hall of Famer
1991 Donruss #396
Hall of Famer
1990 Topps #730

Tim's one of those guys who's top of the second tier.   He ranks 5th all-time in stolen bases and another 20 hits a season and he'd have had 3000.  Here's another, "did everyone end up playing for the Yankees?" cards.
1997 UD Collectors Choice #182
Hall of Famer
1991 Pro Set #12

Even if Steve Tasker weren't a 7 time Pro Bowler I'd have posted this 1996 Topps Gilt Edge.  It's just cool.
1996 Topps Gilt Edge #51

Hall of Famer.  Here's Rodman again, and this time he's brought along Larry Legend.  Two for one.
1990 Skybox #91
A nice casual shot.

I'm not bothering to show you the front of this card.  It's the back that got my attention.  Can anyone tell me what's going on here?  Who's the little guy on the keyring?
1995 UD #114

Pardee was one of the best head coaches the Bears had between Halas and Ditka.  He was a great college player (HOF), a Pro Bowler in the NFL, and went on to coach in college, the NFL, the USFL, the WFL, and the CFL.
1991 Pro Set #150

Joe Nash is the Seattle Seahawks all-time leader in games played with 218.
1989 Pro Set #399

McGinest was a member of three Patriots Super Bowl teams (2001, 2003, 2004).
1998 Fleer Tradition #52

Gilbert is Jets DB Darrelle Revis' uncle.  In addition to other business ventures he is President and CEO of the record comapany, I Got Records whose slogan is "I GOT Records but you make them hits".
1994 UD Collector's Choice
Bonus photo of  Hall of Famer Steve Young.

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