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Saturday, August 27, 2011

From the Vault -- Pictures from Wrigley 3 -- Gimme Mick

Back in the day I went to a number of Cubs games with my Canon FTb equipped with a telephoto lens.

The camera looked like this:

The lens looked something like the one below.  It's a fixed focal length of 400 mm, no zoom.  

The whole setup was very heavy and cumbersome.  

After all these years I thought it would be fun to share some of my pictures here. Keep in mind that this was back in the days of film and the photos were scanned on my $50 scanner.  Hopefully they look OK.  Click to enlarge them. 

Johngy, who kindly identified that these pictures are from a game on August 10, 1976  mentioned that #20 was Mick Kelleher.  I think the two pictures below are of #20 after he hit a double in the bottom of the 6th.
Caption, anyone?

I guess I ran out of color film at this point and quickly switched to a roll of B&W.  
This umpire seems kind of nosy.

A few recent pictures of Mick


  1. Very cool to see old pictures like that. Nice to see them freed from the attic or shoebox or wherever they were.

  2. I am loving this feature.
    Plus, anytime Mick gets some love is cool with me.


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