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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fan Pack Fun 2011 -- Baltimore Orioles

I've always loved the Orioles and they send out a great fan pack.  Thanks, Birds!

With all due respect,  is it a sign that your team in in trouble when they put the manager on the schedule?

Sure beats Baxter the Bobcat!

Best stickers ever?


  1. That was worth sending away for just for the stickers alone!

  2. I agree and the best part is, that all it takes is a few seconds on the internet. A majority of clubs will accept requests online. The Orioles are one. My Cubs required a postcard this year but even that's only 32 cents.

  3. Agreed on the quality of any team by far.

    I like the card designs too, I just wish they were regular sized and not so huge.


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