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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Autographed Baseball Cards A-Z

When I got back into collecting five or so years ago one of the things that excited me was the availability of autographed cards.  Perhaps I went a little overboard but I think I picked up some nice cards.  This will be an A-Z series of posts with varying numbers of cards.

I thought I was done with the F's but I found two more.

This makes my third Bill Freehan.  It's different than the other two, being an action shot and it's on card.  I have all three of the Topps ATFF base sets.  They're great.
2005 Topps ATFF #FFA-BF

It's "Super Sam" Fuld.  Sam has an interesting background and like Cubs great Ron Santo he battles diabetes while playing baseball.  Love his hustle.  I was sorry to see him leave the Cubbies.   Unfortuately there are only so many spots.
2008 Bowman #224 324/500

One of the cogs of the "Big Red Machine", he won four consecutive Gold Gloves ('74-'77).  He was coincidentally the 3000th strikeout victim of the guy on the next card.
2004 Topps #TA-CG

I liked the second card here.  It has a nice relic (pants by the way), but I wanted an on card auto.  Love these Fleers and Bob has a clear distinctive signature.
1999 Fleer GOTG

2005 UD Hall of Fame Baseball Hallworthy #HW-BG1 15/15

Arizona Daimondbacks manager Kirk Gibson may not be a Hall of Famer but he had some great moments.  You know his home run off Eckersley.  He also won a Championship with the Tigers.  His signature is not very legible but it has an arty kind of vibe to it.
2001 Fleer GOTG

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