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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garage Sale Packs #4

I went to a garage sale recently where a guy had a lot of cards.  Most of them were junk and mostly way overpriced.  The best thing I found was a box filled with ziplock bags of about 20-25 cards each for a quarter a bag.  Without opening them, which I didn't feel right about (and they were tightly packed), I could only see the outside two cards.  I did my best to at least get about a quarter's worth from each one.

Pack four easily beats pack three.  A minimum of six cards are of Hall of Famers.  It's also a nice mix of three sports.

First we have two Rickey Henderson's, the first from 1998, the second from 1990.  They're both of Rickey with the A's which is how I prefer to remember him.

This is a nice 1998 UD Black Label card of the late Titans QB Steve "Air" McNair.

This is a framed card  from the 1996 Skybox EXL set.  I guess they were all framed?

A classic 1991 UD Eckersley.

Another cool basketball card.  This one is a 92-93 UD Hologram of new Hall of Famer Dennis "The Worm", Rodman.  He helped the Bulls win three championships so he's OK in my book.

Can't go wrong with "Lefty".
2001 Fleer Greats #45

Is Kurt a future Hall of Famer?  The card is from 2004.

The back of this 1989 card says " He prefers to be known by his nickname 'Doc'.  His nephew, Gary Sheffield, is Brewer shortstop prospect."  Doc was on ESPN's Sportsnation this week.

I just like this one.

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  1. First you pull out the cool vintage photos and camera porn and now OU football players!! This has become my new favorite blog. The Joe Bowden card is cool. Pretty much any stadium club cards are cool though. This would have been a really nice horizontal card with his arms outstretched like that.


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