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Monday, October 12, 2009

1990-91 NBA Hoops -- Michael J. Taylor

This is the second in a series of posts highlighting paintings from the 1990-91 NBA Hoops set. The first is here:

One of the great things about having a lot of cards (particularly disorganized cards) is that you often come across things you didn't know you had or that you see in a different light.
Recently I rediscovered the checklist cards from the 1990-91 NBA Hoops set. The front of each team's checklist card has an original painting of a star player. Nine artists each contributed three paintings.

Here are the three done by Michael J. Taylor:

#356 Larry Bird

#371 Chris Morris

#377 Wayman Tisdale

There is currently a Michael J. Taylor who produces art for commemorative plates and the like. He also does sports figures. Strangely, I cannot find any biographical information about him.

I found one of the singer Neil Diamond:
and these of Jerry Mathers aka The Beaver:
I also found a few more sports pieces such as this poster of Kareem Abdul Jabbar:
Here's one more, goalie Chris Osgood:


  1. Interesting Osgood. Never seen it before.
    Curious what other hockey ones are available.

    Canada Card World - The Blog

    Hockey Card Heaven

  2. what is the value of the Larry Bird card number 356 by Michael Taylor 1990

  3. Jan -- It seems to be worth around $1.00.

  4. Michael Taylor is my dad's cousin I've seen all these in original form...

  5. What is the value of a signed poster A Salute to Kareem 1969-1989?

  6. im michael j taylor i was contacted by the nba offices in new york to do three cards . i had hoped to get magic worthy and anyone but bird. im a lakers fan from 1962 . Larry Bird is was the enemy. I didnt want that overated jerk micheal jordan either. Hes fat and old now by the way. From 1989 to 2000 my clients were la lakers gartlan usa (plates) Nortre dame football basketball auburn clemson kentucky basketball beckett sports big east home office host communications legends memorabila price guide. I think a forgot the rest. We switched to entertainment and i painted plates for ringo starr kiss jerry mathers ozzie osborne diamond garcia. Over worked myself nervous breakdown mental institional lock ups . Lost my home land condo. Bankrupt. Divorced hate painting and unfortunately failed in trying to commit suicide. Momma dont let your babies grow up to be artists. They get FUCKED OVER by EVERYONE . out

  7. My wife and I went to the Notre Dame vs. Nebraska game in September of 2000. As a stadium freebie, they handed out a poster. It was made from an original painting of Michael J. Taylor. As we left the stadium that day, there were a few cases of these posters that were not handed out, so one of the attendants let me take a case of 24. I've sold them to Nebraska and Notre Dame fans and they are treasured. As a collector, artist, musician, and author, Michael J. Taylor, hope you are doing okay. Contact me if you want to talk -

    I would post an image of that poster, but I don't know how to add it. I can't copy it. Thanks Bob


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