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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pack Break 2008 Goudey

I found the images in the 2009 Goudey a little too weird looking for my taste (not an uncommon opinion, I know). The 2008 set is much better. The other day I opened a pack of 08 and other than pulling a great jersey or auto card it's hard to imagine a better pack. Here's the pack in the exact order I saw the cards:

Card #1: Brian Roberts is having another solid year for the Orioles. He currently leads the the major leagues in doubles with 45. Baltimore uniforms always look great to me.

Card #2: Here's another Oriole, HOF'er Jim Palmer sporting my favorite cap, the cartoon Oriole.

Card #3: The Hawk in a Cubs uniform! This is the mini version. Looks like he just hit one onto Waveland Avenue!
Card #4: In two really great seasons 2006-2007 Chien-Ming Wang went 38-13! He's currently out indefinitely, having had season ending shoulder surgery.

Card #5: Matt is having a stellar year, 12-4 with a 2.49 ERA.

Card#6: The second Cub in the pack is one of my all-time favorites, HOF'er ,sweet swinging Billy Williams. He had as smooth a left-handed swing as you've ever seen.

Card #7: The third Hall of Famer in the pack! I remember Orlando mostly as a Brave though he is appropriately pictured here as a SF Giant. He had seven great years with them, starting with 1958 when he was Rookie of the Year and following with six years as an All-Star.

Card#8: Mr. Cub Ernie Banks. 4th HOF'er in the pack (maybe by next year the 5th, go Andre) and the 3rd Cub! My late mother met Ernie when they were both working for New World Van Lines some years ago. It's no secret that no one had more enthusiasm for the game then Banks.

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