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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back of the Card--1960 Topps Cartoons--Hobbies

As there are two sides to every story there are two sides to a baseball card. Today I'm starting a new feature I'm calling Back of the Card.

Below are cartoons from the backs of four 1960 Topps commons. I've always thought Topps could bring out a book of these.

Tom Acker KC Athletics Pitcher

Looks like Tom just shot down Daffy Duck. The best thing is the cap flying off his head. "One for One"!

Ray Semproch Detroit Tigers Pitcher

Ray's career was a lot like his model plane. After a promising start in 1958 he would not last beyond the Spring of 1961.

Joe Amalfitano SF Giants Infield

Just look at the joy in this little cartoon. Joe must have been the Myron Floren of the National League. If you don't know who Myron Floren is, I'm not going to tell you! I remember Joe as a Cubs coach and manager. He would go on to have a long tenure as a coach with the LA Dodgers.

John Blanchard NY Yankees Catcher

This cartoon
seems like a cross between Dick Tracy and Beetle Bailey. Don't ask me why, it just does. Johnny bagged two World Series rings as a member of five Yankee pennant winners.

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  1. Oh gosh, I know who Myron Floren is. I wish I didn't.


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