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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ringo is 75!

Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr was born in Dingle, Liverpool, England on this date in 1940.

Here are a handful of my favorite Ringo songs:

What are your favorites?


  1. I suddenly feel very old. Happy birthday Ringo!

  2. It don'f come easy and Octupuses' Garden are my favotite Starr songs

  3. I have to say, Ringo has aged very well. Happy birthday, Ringo (he says, getting the comment in with just a few minutes to spare EDT).

    My favorite Ringo tracks:
    Beatles: Don't Pass Me By, Octopus' Garden
    Post-Beatles: It Don't Come Easy, No No Song, Oh My My

    1. I forgot to mention: For many years, I thought the song "I Can Help" was among Ringo's best songs... then came to find out that it's not Ringo, it's a guy named Billy Swan. What can I say, everything from the style of song to the instrumentals to the vocals sounds like Ringo. I can't help it if it isn't really him.


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