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Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Try Another Random 2015 Pack

It's only money.  I bought a pack of 2015 Topps Heritage.  Will I do any better than I did with Stadium Club?
Card #1
Not a great start.  Asdrubal signed with Tampa Bay before the 2015 season.  He's the only Asdrubal to make it to the major leagues.  I do like the cartoon.

Card #2
I like this one.  The back extols Bruce's success as a manager.  The photograph seems to capture Bruce with an enigmatic Mona Lisa smile and a faraway look in his eyes.  Intriguing if accidental.

Card #3
This one reminds me of Torii Hunter and that's good.  Only one Asdrubel and only one Kennys.  In fact Mr Vargas may be the only notable Kennys ever (please correct me).  Kennys is apparently not in a smiling mood these days, having been demoted to AA Chattanooga.

Card #4
Nothing for me here.

Card #5
Meh!  Tanaka's won his last three starts.  Whoo, Hoo!

Card #6
I'm sorry but I've never heard of this guy despite his 14-8 record in 2013.  I guess he's just returned to the D-Backs.

Card #7
What,Darwin Barney wasn't good enough for the Dodgers?  Guess not.Is this the rare scratched up negative version?

Card #8
Um, I like the Dodgers red.

Card #9
When I saw the butterscotch color I thought it might be a Cub.  No such luck.

Well, I guess I'm still going to be the crabby old man of the card blogging world.  I got two cards that I was mildly happy with.  I promise to post something more positive next time.
Now get out of my yard you miserable kids and the next time that ball comes over my fence I'm going to keep it!


  1. I've never heard of Corbin either, and I'm with you that it was a so-so pack at best. I can't wait until Heritage gets out of the "hatless photos" era...

  2. Collation fun: I remember getting a pack that had Asdrubal and Bochy back to back as well... It's burned in my mind after going from Asdrubal's odd expression to Bochy's "Pinch hit for you, I will" Yoda face.

    For what it's worth, Juan Uribe was traded to the Mets the other day (from the Braves, not the Dodgers).


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