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Friday, July 10, 2015

I Knew It!

I broke down and bought one pack of Stadium Club.

Was it a good pack?

No, it wasn't.  No.  It wasn't.
No Cubs, Pretty much no interesting photography.  No legends.  Crummy insert.
I knew it.  

Debbie Downer signing off.


  1. I've opened a couple of packs of Stadium Club so far. They weren't very good, either. There are good cards hiding in this product, though. I know because I've seen them on the internet.

    1. I agree. I just had a feeling I wouldn't get any of them. I spent my three bucks anyway. Thanks a lot Topps.

  2. I picked up one hobby box a couple of weeks ago, which netted me 110/300 cards in the base set. I liked them so much that I decided earlier this week to pick up an 8-pack retail blaster for $20. Guess how many new cards I got for my set from that blaster? Zero.

    Yup, every single card I pulled from my blaster was one of the 110 I'd already gotten in my hobby box. Great set but TERRIBLE collation. I'll send you a PWE with some of my dupes so you'll have a better sampling at least...

  3. Thanks. That's just weird. The two weren't even the same format. I guess a statistician could explain it.

  4. Thank you for reminding me not to buy retail. I'm about to head out to Target... and every time I go, I walk by the card section. If I end up buying a pack of Stadium Club, I have no one to blame except myself. But if I don't, I owe it all to you.


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