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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It Started With Pigeons Part 2

Yes, the thing that started with pigeons is a postcard collection.  For a while this was the only one.  I bought it, again for my wife, about four or five years ago. It has just about everything I like about old postcards.  It's 100 years old, it features a cool image, in this case a known cityscape.  There's a cool note on the back with an address.  It's stamped and dated.  That being said it was another couple of years til I bought any more.

Philadelphians can please correct me but I think that's City Hall on the right.  Is  Wanamakers the tall building on the left?  There's a sign advertising Lit Brothers on the top of the building to the foreground left.  Anyone know what the building is/was?  Check out the awesome lamps on the plaza.  It must have looked cool at night.
This is worth reading.  I love it when the sender is referencing the image.
I believe this is about the same spot as the foreground in the postcard and that would be City Hall on the right.  

Here's the street  in Lincoln, Nebraska the postcard was sent to.

 If this is the correct address these townhouses(?) were not here in 1917.

Next time the story of this collection continues.


  1. Pretty cool postcard... a much simpler time then. There's something about vintage that just slows my pulse. :)

  2. You are so right, that note on the postcard just puts it over the top. Truly awesome.

  3. I noticed a few vendors at the last flea market I went to with post cards. Never once thought to stop and look through them. After reading this post, I definitely will the next time. They offer a fantastic way to look at the past.

  4. Ahhh sadly postcards (and even tangible mail) are on the endangered species list.

    1. A shame. I did see that e-books were in decline while paper books were making a comeback.


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