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Friday, August 25, 2017

Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake

You sure seem to hear the word "fake" a lot these days.  ----------Don't worry, I'm not going to go there.  We get enough of that.  I never get tired of this.

Here's a card I found on eBay for 18 cents shipped.    I'd call it a "fake" action shot.  I mean, he's not standing still but it's not in a game.  In fact I can't imagine you'd ever see anything quite like this in a game.  Still, I thought it was a cool looking card.
Pat never made it in the NFL but bounced around other leagues, including NFL Europe.  He had two successful seasons with the Frankfurt Galaxy.  In 1999 he shared QB duties and a World Bowl Championship with future Carolina Panther, Jake Delhomme.  
   Apparently Pat had an interesting time at Cal.  Here's an excerpt from a 1997 Sports Illustrated article:

Is the No Fun League ready for Pat Barnes? This is an oversized
kid who wrote several college papers his freshman year with
12-packs of beer beside his computer; who showed up tired for
some games after late-night arguments with his girlfriend; who
once took in a homeless man as a temporary roommate; and who
tormented his parents, Colleen and John, with phone pranks in
which he claimed to have crashed his car or landed in jail. "Pat
has always been a little kid in a big body," Colleen says of her
6'4", 215-pound son. "An extra year of college would really
benefit him because he's basically somewhat immature. He has
grown up a lot the past two years, but maturation takes time."

The seller sandwiched my card between two others:

If you understand Italian this may be interesting.

Here's the other card.  It's all American.

If you've made it this far, here's your reward:


  1. His flying through the air looks like one of the (totally unrealistic) poses from one of the McFarlane NBA figures. As a photographer, though...that's great timing.

  2. For a few years, at least, they always had mini trampolines at the NFL Rookie Photo Day, which explains Mr. Barnes' flight appearance. I think Upper Deck was the first company to use that particular technique.

    1. Thanks for the info. Should we assume they had some sort of soft landing spot as well? Hope so, otherwise ----SPLAT!.

  3. Thanks for the reward, love that scene

  4. A. Not sure why... but the action shot reminds me of a Kenner SLU figure w/ the left goalpost being the road that keeps him floating in the air.

    B. Totally remember Barnes from his days at CAL.

    C. I'll never get tired of Seinfeld. It's one of my favorite shows of all-time.


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