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Saturday, August 26, 2017

2001 Sunoco Dream Team Revisted

Kin at I Feel Like a Collector Again recently posted one of the 2001 Sunoco Dream Team cards.  It's been five years since I showed these and I think they deserve another look.  Speaking of another look check out card #10, Amazin'Championships.  I just noticed an error that escaped me five years ago.   Gary Carter is listed as Gary Garter.  No shame in overlooking the mistake.   It's a well known fact that our brains do that on a regular basis, a sort of organic virtual autocorrect.

From February 25, 2012

I picked up this oddball set on Ebay for 25 cents plus shipping.  According to "The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards" these cards were sold in three-card packs for 49 cents with a gasoline or Coke purchase.  Other than being on thin card stock they're pretty nice.  I love the titles on the back.  They remind me of the 1960's combo cards.


  1. This is a big day for me, I think it's the first blog post that I've inspired!

    On a side note, I never noticed the "Gary Garter" myself.

  2. I like these a lot, mostly because I actually picked up a pack of them at a Sunoco station! I can't remember if there were 2 or 3 in a pack. I do recall the Maz/Stargell and Lynn/Rice ones in the pack.

  3. This is one of thpse sets I need to grab. But how the hell did you find it for a quarter? I always see $5 on it.

    1. I actually tried searching for the sale in my email but couldn't find it. Does sound too good to be true. Don't know how much I paid in shipping. I still do find bargains on Ebay. I also lose a lot of auctions. My philosophy is that there's always something else to bid on later so don't sweat losing any particular item.


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