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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Team is Floundering but I Still Love Hockey Cards

For my money there's no better set on the market than Upper Deck Hockey.  My first two posts featured Original Six  and Goalies.  Here are the rest of my favorites from Series One.  I have reason to believe a set of Series Two is in my future (another gift--someone got another year older this week) so stay tuned.


  1. The photography in this set is absolutely stellar; I especially love the Popeye cameo and the leaping Muzzin

  2. Some great cards there, love the Popeye cameo on that Taylor Hall.

  3. I don't know most of these guys, and I'm thinking of buying a pack or two the next time I need a pack-busting fix. Fantastic photography on these!

    And I have to say that the Kings "Winter Classic" uniform and the Islanders "NY w/o Long Island" uniforms are both nasty (and not in a good way).


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