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Monday, January 4, 2016

Hockey Cards for Christmas -- 2015-16 UD Original Six Favorites

If your significant other/family doesn't have an ebay account I highly recommend you help them get one.  I set one up for my wife before Christmas and netted a base set (1-200) of this season's Upper Deck Series One hockey cards.  Thanks, Sweetie!

I'm a big fan.  The cards have a nice gloss, great color, and a better than average selection of photographs.  The backs are unexceptional but for this set I really don't care.  Here are my favorites from the Original Six teams starting with my hometown team, the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.  Note that they are mostly shots taken during the Finals.  Like the Original Six playoff system, only one third of the available cards didn't make the cut.


  1. Those really are some beautiful photographs on a pretty nice set in general. I might have to pursue some singles.

  2. Nice design. I agree, the photos are very well done/chosen. Some of them it looks like the photographer is on the ice with them. Marc Staal appears to just be sitting on his opponent, when I saw that one it made me laugh.

  3. Very nice, I still hadn't seen a few of those. Love the Seidenberg especially.

  4. I love how they used a shot of Marchand from below since he has Napoleon syndrome. And is an asshole in general.

  5. I don't collect hockey cards, but they sure do have some fantastic photos! I need your address. You won a contest of mine earlier this month on my blog It's like having my own Card Shop. Send me an email daniel24303 at gmail dot com. Thanks!


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