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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Santo Collectors Can't Be Choosers

I'm assuming that Ron Santo's family or whoever is running his estate signed an exclusive agreement with Panini in terms of using his image for trading cards.    While fans/collectors of Ernie Banks, Billy Willliams and Ferguson Jenkins can find some nice Topps cards, Ronnie's fans are left with a smattering or less of logoless Un-Cubs Paninis.  What makes this all the more sad is that this happened after Santo's overdue election to the Hall of Fame.  I can't in good conscience go after all the variations but I did pay a buck for this blue framed serial numbered to 99 Diamond King.  It's not Panini's fault and other than the missing logos it is a nice looking card.  The back stresses Ron's  passion for helping those fighting juvenile diabetes, the disease that  shortened his career and contributed to his death.  Ron sure would love this year's Cubs team even if he might forget his name and call Kris Bryant, "Big Boy".


  1. Nice looking card, especially for just a dollar!

    1. I figured I'd find the lowest priced serial numbered version and leave it at that. I do like the blue.

  2. It's truly a shame that we don't get to see many Santo cards these days; that's Ronnie though - always getting overlooked.

  3. I like that card... Sure, it might be nicer with logos, but it's still a nice card.


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