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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Allen & Ginter Guilty Pleasure

When I saw the checklist for this year's A&G I knew one card that I had to have.  Call it a guilty pleasure.  Call it weird.  I wanted an Anthony Bourdain card.  I'm pretty sick of all of the "personalities" on the Food Channel.  I'm particularly over the idea of cooking as a spectator sport.  Bourdain isn't one of "them", although I did think he sold out with "The Taste".  To his credit and/or the Academy's he has been nominated twice for best host.  I do like his other shows on CNN and the Travel Channnel.  So having opened 11 packs and not pulling Tony I went to Ebay and found one for a reasonable $1.49 shipped.  Is there a card in the set that you'd go out of your way to get?


  1. I'm a big Bourdain fan too. Starting watching No Reservations back about 6 or 7 years ago, read his book Kitchen Confidential, and officially decided that I would totally want to hang out with him and Ted Nugent at the same barbecue. Ted brings the food, Tony B. cooks it.

  2. From the thumbnail on the blogroll, I thought this might be a card of Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor on "Doctor Who". I guess maybe I'll have to see if there's a Capaldi card in the new Simon & Gintfunkel set.

    A&G generally leaves me cold, but I have to admit the Vince Gilligan storyboard relic cards are a pretty awesome idea... way out of my price range, it would seem, but still awesome.

  3. The idea we have "celebrity chefs" is one of the ways this world is going to hell. Hey - I'm a celebrity tech!!! Can I get a show on G4 to see who can wire a mini LAN using only 2400 baud modems?


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