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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things Done to Cards -- Poor Ronnie

Most of you have probably seen Things Done to Cards.  Here's one I found on Ebay during my daily search for Ron Santo cards.  
OK.  First this sadist  blinded poor Ronnie. Ouch!  But that wasn't good enough for the anti-Cub-ite bastard.  They felt it necessary to finish him off with a point blank shot to the middle of his forehead.  Well, the laughs on you sicko because Ron went on to play another ten years for the Cubs and now he's in the Hall of Fame.
1963 Fleer #32


  1. He's still a Cub. That's punishment that blinding will never take away. :)

    1. Hopefully, Team Theo's plan comes to fruition, just for the sake of removing the stigma on us Cubs fans and the team.

      The kid that mauled Ronnie had to be a Mets fan.


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