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Friday, May 4, 2018

Blog Skate Around -- My All Autograph Hockey Team

The most recent Blog Bat Around was for sharing our favorite baseball autographs.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with it.  My hockey autograph collection is much smaller but if anything I like it even more.  I'm not following any rules here.  I do have all positions covered.  The players in great part represent the NHL I grew up with, the names I heard on the radio listening with my Dad.


Right Wingers

Left Wingers




  1. That is an impressive set of autographs! I'd be happy to have any of these in my collection... well, maybe not Phil Esposito or Mike Bossy... :-)

  2. Epic! Love your line up. Nice to see the Original Six so well represented.

  3. That's an amazing roster! So many legends of hockey here. Fantastic signatures-Beliveau and Howe in particular.

  4. Sweet! I agree with Joe S, I'd love any of those autos. Not sure which is my favorite, maybe that Mikita!

  5. Solid team. If the Sharks lose today, I'll have my team up on Tuesday. If they win... I'll post it after they're eliminated from the playoffs.

  6. There's just something about old hockey pictures/cards that I love more than other sports.

  7. These things remind me of wonderful memories with wonderful people! Thank you very much!


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