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Saturday, October 22, 2016


It's a great night for all Cubs fans but especially for those of us who have lived through decades of "wait until next year".  I'm not a religious man but I would like to think that there's a heaven where those who've passed are celebrating with us.  My thoughts go to my favorite Cub Ron Santo, his teammate Ernie Banks and especially to my Dad, who shared his love of the game and the Cubs with me.  Below is his picture that most of you have seen before, and my very first post.

This is the program/scorecard from Opening Day, April 8, 1969. It was my very first game. Our seats were in the lower boxes on the third base side. This was back when the average guy could still get them at face value. My Dad went down by the dugout before the game and was lucky enough to get three signatures--Rich Nye, Ken Rudolph and Joe Niekro. Other than the memory of first coming up the stairs and seeing the field, which was spectacular, what stands out for me was the bright red of the Phillies uniforms.

Here's the scorecard filled in by my Dad (even as an adult my handwriting was never nice as his). Cub fans remember this game for the last at bat in the 11th inning. The Cubs were trailing by a run. With one out and Randy Hundley on first, Willie Smith, pinch-hitting for Jim Hickman, homered to right center to win the game. I can't say I remember much of the previous action, including Ernie Banks' two home runs, but I do remember that moment. My Dad is gone now but looking at this scorecard brings back the memory of him jumping to his feet and hollering for joy.


  1. I have that same memory of coming up the stairs and first seeing the field with my dad too, albeit at Fenway Park and a good 20 years later. So awesome that you still have the program and scorecard. I never get tired of you showing that great photo of your dad, has always stuck with me for some reason. Go Cubs!

  2. Now that the Cubs have won the NL pennant the radio and internet have been filled with memories of baseball, the Cubs and family. Yours is one of my favorite.

  3. Wow... this is an awesome family keepsake. I wish I had something like this in my collection. I love my father so much. The guy is hands down my hero. But he's never been a huge baseball fan... so my brothers were always in charge of taking me to games. Sadly... we never kept any of our scorecards from my childhood.


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