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Monday, April 7, 2014

Unusual Card of the Day

Here's 2 time NBA MVP and  Hall of Famer Karl Malone doing what he does best --acting?  Despite what the card says about movie stardom, Karl did not (wise move) quit his day job.  Here's something I noticed.  This is a 1990 card and the movie has a release date of 1994.  Problems?
Here's the poster:


  1. Points to the Mailman for looking at ease on a horse, but negative points for having the acting ability of Kristen Stewart. I bet the movie failed because Malone didn't have Stockton to help him out!

    1. I could swear I heard a rimshot:

  2. Man that is SO bad it almost makes me want to watch the movie. Almost. Actually, nope, not gonna happen ;)


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