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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Quintessential Baseball Card

Is this not the quintessential Frank Robinson card?  It's his first wearing an Orioles uniform.  It's on arguably the best Topps design of the 1960's.  The back notes his rookie of the year award, triple crown season, World Series MVP and his being the first player to win the MVP in both leagues (he still is).  I picked it up on ebay recently for $3.60 shipped.


  1. Totally awesome card. I can't believe you scored that copy for that price, nick pick-up!

  2. The car in the cartoon implies that he got one for being the WS MVP. I can't find anything to support that. Any clue?

    Nice card, by the way.

    1. I can't find anything either. Maybe Topps thought he deserved one.


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