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Monday, September 2, 2013

One Year Old Cardboard

Not too long ago I won one of 30-Year Old Cardboard's random drawings.  The loot was a 2012 Topps Series Two hanger box.

Here are my highlights:

My favorite recent Cub Ryan Dempster.  Ryan's usually known more for his sense of humor than for being controversial.  I'm glad he hit ARod.  Does that make me a bad person?

Here's one of the new Cubs faces of the franchise.  Was Tony in the water?  That Cubs logo looks like it has shrinkage.  Does Topps know about shrinkage?  It shrinks?  Like a frightened turtle.
 Not a bad mini, Brooksie c.1965

Can't have too many cards of the Georgia Peach.

No one quite like Nolan Ryan.

I didn't really have a horse in this race so... it's an insert.

I saw this card on someone's blog when it first came out and was a little weirded out .  Was I in disguise at Wrigley and don't remember it?  The guy in the cap looks like me without glasses and wearing a fake beard (and perhaps few years younger).

It's gold Jerry, GOLD!  It's a gold Putz!

Phenom!  (there was also a Mike Carp in the box, so-- double fish)
Phenom! Part Deux.  Is this like worth money or something?  
I admit I lost track of Justin after his blistering start this year.  Checking his stats one thing stands out to me.  In 50 Braves losses he's hit .162 with 3 HR and 12 RBI.  In 74 wins he's hit .328 with  21 HR and 52 RBI.

Bronson's having a good year at 13-10.  If I were a player collector I'd probably be bored by this photo but since I only see his cards on occasion I like it.  His delivery is distinctive.  I do hope that's mud on his shoes.

Three reasons to like this card.  1. Torii's smile. 2. Angels throwback uni.  3.  Hank Conger.

I do love that he goes by Coco.  Coco's middle name is Loyce.  Loyce?  I've never heard that name before.  It seems to be mostly a girl's name.  Anyone know where his parents got it from?  The greens and yellows look great here.
 My first thought was that I liked Michael's odd looking leg position, kind of like some funky dance move.  Then I saw the look on his face and liked that too.  A little research shows he's Jewish, married to  Missy Coles an international fitness bikini model and that  as a high school senior he was offered full scholarships to play basketball at both Louisville and Duke.  He's currently a free agent, having been released by the Toronto Blue Jays.

J.P. gets a nod for this.

I almost missed this card.  I guess you can call this a Jewish hot pack.  Josh is batting .292 since being called up in June.

That was a fun megapack break.  Thanks Brian!


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