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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Rainbow 8 Months in the Making

Who doesn't enjoy a rainbow?

This 2012 Panini Copperstown Collection Ron Santo rainbow took me about eight months to complete. 

 The base card below was easily obtained and I first posted it last November.

I picked up the blue and red versions, #'d to 499 and 399 respectively a couple of months later.

The last one, #'d to 299 proved very elusive.  After seeing a couple early on that got too pricey for my taste, it seemed to disappear. This one finally showed up this month and actually cost me less than the higher #'d versions.  Mission accomplished.

Here's the original photo.  It was captioned as being from Spring Training in 1969.  To me it looks much earlier.  I love the fact that, pitching mound aside,  it looks like it was taken in some one's back yard.


  1. I didn't even know those parallel options existed.

  2. Personally, I did not know about the red, just the blue and gold.

  3. Very nice! I agree with you on the date of the way it's 1969...he looks way too young...and skinny!


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